Bayu-Undan Operations and Maintenance

ConocoPhillips Australia Pty Ltd

Timor Sea, Australia

Contract Period
Jun 2004 - Jun 2019


The Bayu-Undan offshore facilities consist of a floating storage and offloading facility (FSO) and three fixed platforms, a remote wellhead platform (WPI), and a compression, utilities and quarters platform (CUQ) and a drilling, production and processing platform (DPP). The latter two are located adjacent to each other and linked by an access bridge, forming the Central Production and Processing Complex (CPP).

The contract includes:

  • Routine maintenance & operations support
  • Implementation engineering
  • Work pack preparation
  • Brownfield project execution including Asset Integrity Maintenance campaign
  • Planning
  • Hazard assessment
  • Offshore field services
  • Shutdown services including planning, preparation and execution supervision and labour
  • Management of specialist subcontractors
  • Fabrication management

In addition, training and capability development in Timor Leste which will continue to build on the work Clough AMEC have already undertaken in the region.


  • The Bayu-Undan gas and condensate field, located in the Timor Sea, is estimated to hold over 400 million barrels of hydrocarbon liquids and 3.4 trillion cubic feet of gas. 
  • The Bayu-Undan field has been developed in 3 phases. The first phase ‘Gas Recycle Project’, involved the production and processing of wet gas, the separation and storage of condensate, propane and butane, and the re-injection of dry natural gas back into the reservoir
  • The second phase incorporated a 500km x 26” diameter sub-sea gas pipeline from the field to Darwin and a 3MTPA LNG process plant at Wickham Point in Darwin.
  • Phase 3 includes additional wells.